LAPD officer injured after shooting at Harbor Station

A suspect is in custody after an officer was injured at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Harbor Community Station Saturday night, hanno detto le autorità.

The incident occurred after the officer, who was working on desk operations, attempted to offer assistance to the suspect, who had walked into the station’s lobby, LAPD Chief Michel Moore told reporters in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The discussion escalated into an altercation and it appears the suspect took the officer’s gun from him and began firing, Ha detto Moore.
The officer was not struck by gunfire, but he is currently in the hospital recovering from injuries that are consistent with beingpistol whipped,” Ha detto Moore.
    The suspect fled after the watch commander, who heard the commotion arrived on the scene andan officer-involved shooting occurred,” Ha detto Moore.
    Il sospetto, who Moore said was not struck, fled in a white pick-up truck and was pursued by additional officers. Another altercation broke out before they were able to take him into custody, Ha detto Moore. The suspect is being treated for injuries but is expected to be released and charged in the incident, Ha detto Moore.
      I am grateful that the officer who was in this incident tonight, who was working the desk, came out to assist this individual to understand what his needs were that he survived and that during this engagement that he did not lose his life,” Ha detto Moore. “He did not suffer the injury that apparently this suspect meant to inflict.
      Moore said he expects additional information to be released in the coming hours as the investigation continues. The District Attorney’s office will also investigate because of the officer-involved shooting.




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