Lara Logan: Biden WH "si aspetta che migliaia e migliaia di persone entrino negli Stati Uniti’

Lara Logan: Biden WH 'expecting thousands and thousands of people to come into the United States'

Il Amministrazione di Biden'S immigrazione policy is based onexpecting thousands and thousands of people to come into the United States,” Fox Nation host Lara Logan toldLa storia” giovedi.

Logan, whose latest special, “Lara Logan non ha un ordine del giorno: Ritorno al confinepremieres Feb. 1 su Fox Nation, told host Trace Gallagher that under the new administration, “horse patrols and boat units and ATVswill be taken off their normal duties, their security operations, and they’ll be put with, along with most of the other resources, on migrant care.

LARA LOGAN: So what you’re doing is defining the border in terms of immigration as opposed to border security, or as opposed to an approach that sort of balances the both of them. And this is where the real issue comes in, is that for border security operations, the reality is that the cartels in Mexico, they know perfectly well how to exploit the flow and the movement of people, and they use that as a cover.

So that’s when they move the kind of high-value sort of people who are paying a lot more money to come in to the U.S. undetected, whether they’re spies or terrorists or hackers or whoever it happens to be. That’s when they’re moving more of the drugsThat’s when they’re moving the weapons. That’s when they’re moving everything. They exploit that issue. And as long as it’s only defined as a conversation about immigration, then you don’t address the security issues.

The statement from Honduras, when the migrant caravan that’s heading for the U.S. right now came up against Guatemalan forces, when they forced their way into Guatemala and two people were killed, the Honduran statement was that migration is a human right. So they’re coming up with with government-given human rights versus what the U.S. Constitution protects, which is God-given rights. There’s a distinction there, and those lines are being blurred in in border policy.

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