Lara Logan: Far left cannot change the fact that ‘Americans believe in policing’

LARA LOGAN: Bene, that’s how you know that Governor DeSantis is doing the right thing in the eyes of millions of Americans, because his critics are hammering him. And what you’re not hearing from is all the people who support Governor DeSantis, which is typical of what’s going on at the moment, which is where you only hear from one kind of view of America. You only hear from one set of people in terms of how they see this country and where they want this country to go. But it doesn’t mean that all the other the millions of Americans who don’t agree don’t exist.

You can’t change the truth. And the truth is, you can dominate Twitter, you can dominate the media. You can dominate the whole conversation. But you cannot change the fact that Americans believe in policing. And even though, sai, there’s a long history of trying to change that through community organizations and local, sai, NGOslots of euphemisms for social justice and, sai, mental health and wellbeing and using social services instead of the police.

These are just words that are used to cover up what is the real agenda here, which is to, sai, really to get rid of the police force and the penal system, sai, and get rid of prisons. If you look at Oakland, California, they closed their prison and nobody even blinked. Sai, you don’t hear anything about it. And crime isn’t better in San Francisco. It’s worse, but nobody cares.


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