Lara Logan: Nicki Minaj refuses to ‘surrender’ personal freedoms by standing up to Dems

What’s happened to this country is that people have surrendered to this because they feel powerless,” ella dijo.

Logan mentioned that, as can be seen in Marxist and Nazi playbooks through history, when nobody speaks out against an oppressive government, people begin to submit even further to it.


The only form of victory that can’t be won, that can’t be taken from you is the one that you give which is surrender,” ella dijo. “If you accept defeat and you lose the will to fight, then they don’t even have to fight that battle.

And that where we are now – they’ve made the price of standing up to them so high that nobody’s willing to do it.

According to Logan, the only difference is that now people are beginning to realize that the Democrats have a sinister stranglehold over too many subjects including the southern border and relations with the Middle East.

This is really the moment for people to unite,” ella dijo. “Because what we’re seeing is that these issues were never about left and right. They’re about right and wrong and good and evil. And there’s nothing more threatening to them than saying you’re going to pray for something.

Since Minaj’s feud with MSNBC host Joy Reid, who slammed the rapper for encouraging her followers topray onreceiving the coronavirus vaccine first before beingbulliedinto it, Minaj claimed that Twitter suspended her for daring to question the vaccination.

The international superstar went live on Instagram Wednesday to voice her thoughts on the matter, bringing attention to the fact that sharing an opinion in America isno longer allowed.

What’s interesting is so many of your favorite artists feel this way but they’re afraid to speak up,” Minaj said. “And I can’t blame them… I will never use Twitter again.

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