Lara Logan says Americans' privacy 'sold out' to Big Tech: 'No such thing as Fourth Amendment anymore'

라라 로건: 내말은, the depth and breadth to which we have given up all of our privacy is truly staggering. As a mother, I was particularly shocked and alarmed by how every single piece of information that they have about us … they create a pattern of life and they connect all the dots and they know everything that you do.

So if you’re pregnant, they can tell that by the changes in your habits and what you search online and they can you know, they can manipulate a child that has anxiety by constantly reinforcing the things that give that child anxiety and things like 23 and Me, 알 잖아, these companies that use your DNA to tell you all about your history, that they’re selling that information to people like insurers, medical insurers. And all the people that you don’t want to have that information are getting it, everything has a back door and the government literally is spying on us in every means possible.

The phone companies, the tech companies, they’ve sold us out and there is no such thing as the Fourth Amendment anymore. 내말은, all of those things. 사실로, there’s so much, it’s difficult to name it all.

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