Lara Logan: South Africa's unrest 'eerily similar' to racial tensions in US

Su “L'angolo di Ingraham”, host Laura Ingraham played clips of destructive rioting, looting and general unrest in places like Pietermaritzburg, KZN, as political factions clash. The unrest stems from the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma on charges of contempt, along with backlash to the devastating economic recession caused by draconian lockdowns during the pandemic.


Zuma’s supporters believe he is a victim of a political witch hunt and saw him as a man of the peoplea populistparticularly in rural communities. Does that sound like anyone you know, minus the prison sentence?” Ingraham asked, in an apparent reference to Donald Trump and his supporters.

Zuma – who resigned in 2018 and was succeeded by incumbent President Cyril Ramaphosa – was recently sentenced to 15 mesi in prigione.

Logan told Ingraham that people she knows in South Africa have been shocked by how fast tensions and unrest escalated following Zuma’s imprisonment.

She said a major epicenter of the violence and shortages is in KwaZulu-Natalwhich is both Zuma’s and Logan’s home state – particularly in the city of Durban.

I have been speaking to people there: food is running low, this has been going on for five days, and the stores are burning down, there is no milk, no bread, and people are not allowed to have any fuel for their cars, so this is a particularly distressing situation for many, molte persone,” ha continuato.

With so many killed at this point, people are asking, where is the police, where is the Army?”

Logan added that as the government deploys more troops throughout the country, civilians are collectively concerned about a racial element being introduced into the strife.

What you start to see is some of the echoes of critical race theory and the woke agenda that have proliferated all over the world,” lei disse.

We are paying the price now for Big Tech and Facebook and all these people who are able to really set the agenda in any country that they want, and where people can spread this message and spread this divisive politics. And South Africa is no exception.

Logan said President Obama’s ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard, allegedly fanned such tensions. Gaspard later became the president of left-wing billionaire George SorosOpen Society Foundation, Logan said.

But when he was in South Africa, he was very vocal about reparations,” lei disse. “He was one of the people who was pushing and encouraging publicly for the South African government to take land away from White people, particularly White farmers.

She said that the attacks on White farmers have in one respect left a hole in the food and commodity supply chain, which some have blamed for the reported shortages.

People saw that in neighboring Zimbabwe, so there is a radical element at play here and nobody can tell, at this point… but South African media has very quickly turned to looking at who is driving this, and whether there isthere are other forces, e tu sai, there are eerily similar echoes here,” lei disse.

There is a whole ideology that goes along with ‘open society’ and all of these groups about turning a moment into a mass movement or revolution and that is what many people I speak to are looking for,” Logan concluded.

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