Lara Trump calls Trudeau's Freedom Convoy crackdowns 'absolutely unbelievable'

LARA TRUMP: It’s rather shocking. Die werklikheid is, this whole thing was peaceful. And I get it, they were blocking the road and people couldn’t get on with the things they need[red]. But this is the definition of a peaceful protest. And then to see what was done, ek bedoel, to take away their money, take away their fuel, come in and take them out with — it was kind of like, Gestapo-like force that Justin Trudeau sent in there. Absolutely unbelievable. He wouldn’t even bother to sit down with these truckers and hear them out, and they weren’t just doing it for themselves. They were doing it for every Canadian, every American, every Australian, every person for the past three years that has felt like our rights have been taken away. Wel, raai wat? People are paying attention. There’s a convoy going to Washington, D.C.


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