Lara Trump slams President Biden for being 'completely absent' at the southern border

LARA TRUMP: Él [Presidente Biden] no está haciendo nada ahí abajo. Pensarías ... si tienes una crisis completa a la mano, si se trata de incendios forestales, si son huracanes, si se trata de tiroteos masivos, whatever it might be, the president of the united states always goes to those areas and … talks to the local community and says, “What do you need? How can we help?”

Joe Biden is completely absent in this scenario. Pero, maybe there is a more sinister reason. Maybe it is because this is all purposeful. Maybe it is because they want these millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our country. Perhaps these are the future voters for the Democrat party. The United States of America is incredibly disenfranchised with what we have seen in the first eight months of the Biden presidency. So you have to ask yourself, is there a bigger reason? He hasn’t even bothered to go down there. Maybe they want it to happen.


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