Larry Elder baselessly raises possibility of election 'shenanigans' in California recall

천사들 Republican candidate 래리 엘더 told reporters on Wednesday that he believesthere might very well be shenanigansin the election to recall 캘리포니아 정부. 개빈 뉴섬, continuing the baseless GOP effort to undermine elections by suggesting wrongdoing.

장로, the leading Republican candidate to replace Newsom if the recall is successful, made the comments shortly after he voted for himself in Los Angeles County. He said he believes theshenaniganswould be similar to those that happened during the 2020 선거, in which President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump. There was no evidence of widespread election fraud in that election.
What I believe is that no matter what they doand I believe that there might very well be shenanigans, as it were in the 2020 선거 — no matter what they do, so many Californians are angry about what’s going onthat he will win anyway, Elder said, citing anger around crime, homelessness and quality of public education.
    이상 6 million ballots have been cast as of Wednesday in the California recall election, according to the election tracking firm Political Data Inc. The firm said Wednesday that 53% 의 6.4 million ballots returned so far have come from Democrats, while Republicans have returned 25% of the ballots. Republican operatives believe their supporters, in part because of attacks on mail-in voting around the 2020 선거, will be more likely to vote in person.
      장로 — echoing claims made by Trump during and after the 2020 선거, as well as comments about the California race from right-wing mediahas started to question the possible election results, telling supporters that his campaign is ready and willing to file lawsuits and pointing them to a campaign website portal that allows people to report possible issues.
        We have a voter integrity board all set upmost of these are lawyers,” Elder said Wednesday. “그래서, when people hear things, they contact us. We’re going to file lawsuits in a timely fashion.
        Unsubstantiated claims of the 2020 election being stolen have become one of the most prevalent talking points among Republicans in the wake of Trump’s loss, spurred by the former President and many of his biggest supporters.
          Trump himself went on Newsmax, a right-wing outlet that has propagated election lies, to baselessly claim the California election isprobably rigged.
          Elder is cribbing the former President’s strategy by beginning to question the legitimacy of an election before the race has been decided.
          “그만큼 2020 선거, 내 의견으로는, was full of shenanigans,” Elder said this weekend on Fox News, another outlet that has helped spread falsehoods about election integrity. “And my fear is they’re going to try that in this election right here and recall.
          Elder had previously said that Biden won the 2020 선거 “fairly and squarely.But after Trump supporters jumped on the comments, 장로 트윗 지난 달, “Do I believe there were shenanigans in the 2020 대통령 선거? 예. But it’s time to focus on retaking the White House in 2024.
          Polls show Newsom in a more solid position than he was a few weeks ago. The latest polling from the Public Policy Institute of California found 58% of likely voters plan to vote “아니” on recalling Newsom, 와 39% saying they will vote “예.”
            Newsom said on Wednesday that the recall had national consequences.
            We’re living in a moment in time where we’re debating democracy. We’re actually, 말 그대로, debating democracy in this country,” he said during an appearance with Vice President Kamala Harris.

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