Larry Elder remains hopeful in California: 'The lines are long; that's good news for our side'

Ouderling, who rose to the top of the polls on the replacement question, ahead of other candidates including Republicans Kevin Faulconer and Caitlyn Jenner, vertel “Hannity” daar is “no front where [Newsom] has done a good job.

He noted that poll lines are a good sign in an election where ballots were mailed to every registered voter on the rolls in the state – remarking that Democratstrust the mailwhile Republicans tend to trust physical polls.

The lines are long. That’s good news for our side,” hy het gesê. “I’ve heard from people saying I’ve voted all my life, I have never seen lines like this.

Elder said Newsom has failed on COVID-19 economic recovery, has been overtly draconian in his lockdown orders, and has crippled the state in other ways including forest management, the utility grid and public water management.

He told host Sean Hannity that while Newsom had several top-name Democrats like Sens. Bernie Sanders van Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and former President Obama – either visit the state or cut ads for him, none of those officials have uttered the wordsGavin Newsom has done a fine job for the people of California.


People are leaving California for the first time,” Elder lamented.

Newsom, if recalled, would be only the second California governor to have been subjected to such a process.

Voormalige goewerneur. Grey Davis, also a Democrat, was successfully recalled in 2003 and replaced by Republican actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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