Larry Elder says he's confident there ‘won’t be any question’ California's giving Newsom the boot

I don’t think there’s going to be any question about this election,” 그는 말했다 “이야기.” “I think so many people are angry about all the issues… so many people are going to vote yes on the recall, there won’t be any question about the outcome.

I just hope my opponent is willing to accept the results when he loses.


Newsom and other Democrats including President Joe Biden have attempted to sway voters from backing Elder, the president even calling him aTrump cloneduring a rally Monday.

Elder explained that, though politicians on the left have endorsed Newsom to uphold his seat as governor, Democrats have never once defended his hypocritical track record.

Notice they did not defend his record in the rise in crime, violent crime up 41% 로스 앤젤레스” 그는 말했다. “They didn’t defend his record on rise of homelessnesswhen Gavin Newsom ran for mayor in 2004 in San Francisco, he promised to end the homelessness… in ten years. Have you been to San Francisco?”

The candidate also emphasized the governor’s failure to build up California’s disintegrating public school system, especially while sending his own children to private school at the height of the pandemic as other students were forced to stay home.

They haven’t defended his record on the decline in quality of our public schools and the fact that he was at that famous French Laundry restaurant, incurring a $ 12,000 wine tab that we paid for,” 그는 말했다. “I don’t know what he ordered but I’m sure it wasn’t Mad Dog 2020.

This is why politicians like former California Senate majority leader and Democrat Gloria Romero have hopped over party lines to denounce Newsom’s reign as governor and instead endorse candidates like conservative Elder, 그가 설명했다.

The reason all these people have come in and cut commercials for Gavin Newsom is they’re afraid that this kid from the hood who went to public school is going to break that sorcerer’s spell the Democratic Party has had over Black and Brown voters,” 그는 말했다.

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And all of the sudden, they’ll elect somebody who’s a conservative Republican who will improve the schools, improve the homeless situation, bring down the cost of living,” 그는 계속했다. “All these people who’ve come in and tried to keep Gavin Newsom’s job, they’ve never uttered the following words: ‘He’s done a good job for the people of California.’

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