Larry Elder tells 'Fox & Friends' why he's running for CA governor: 'Smug' Gavin Newsom has to be recalled

出演中 “狐 & 友達,” Elder slammed Newsom for his restrictive coronavirus mandates, which he subsequently violated during a dinner at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant to the 怒り of many.

Gavin Newsom has been smug in mandating all these coronavirus restrictions—the most severe restrictions in the whole country—while he violated them,” 長老は言った.

保守的なラジオホストラリーエルダーがギャビンニューサムリコールレースに参加: 「私たちは保存する状態を手に入れました’

Elder said that it wasn’t just the fact that Newsom was eating at a luxurious restaurant at the taxpayers’ expense that drove people into a frenzy, but rather the fact that he was dining with the very lobbyists and medical professionals that drafted the mandates they violated in the first place.

Kids lost a whole year of education, crime is going up, homelessness is going up, the cost of living is insane, for the first time in the state’s history more people have left California than have come,” said Elder.

Something has got to happen—we need to recall this guy.

Elder also blasted Newsom for what he described as thedeteriorationof K-12 learning in public schools and said school choice would be one of his major agenda items going forward.

“75% of Black kids in California cannot read at state-level proficiency. 50% of all kids in California in public schools cannot read at state-level proficiency—yet the teacher’s union is [ニューサムの] biggest contributor and they hate, 嫌い, hate school choice,” asserted Elder.

“上手, I support, サポート, support school choice.