Larry Gatlin talks getting COVID a second time, dove sembrava prefigurare la strategia dei Democratici per dominare il GOP mentre si dirigono verso quella che dovrebbe essere una stagione elettorale altamente controversa: 'They're trying to shut us down'

Il country singer-songwriter spoke to Fox News to reflect on his recovery from his second bout with the coronavirus and why our nation’s leaders have left him scratching his head.

We don’t know what to do,” said the 73-year-old. “The American people don’t know what to do. We have been told get the shot, don’t get the shot, indossare una maschera, don’t wear a mask…

Gatlin, who makes up one third of the Gatlin Brothers band, confirmed he received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccines and a booster. He ended up contracting COVID-19 a second time earlier this month. While he’s “lieto” he received the shots and said he’ddo it again,” he’s concerned with the government’s approach.


Here’s where I am on all this. Like the philosopher Socrates, I know enough to know I know nothing. John Locke said, ‘All wealth is the product of labor.What is our government trying to tell us right now? They’re trying to shut us down,” Gatlin said.

Larry Gatlin attends the 67th Annual BMI Country Awards at BMI on November 12, 2019 a Nashville, Tennessee.

Larry Gatlin attends the 67th Annual BMI Country Awards at BMI on November 12, 2019 a Nashville, Tennessee. (Mickey Bernal/FilmMagic via Getty)

They’re trying to keep people from going to work, going to school and they’re paying people to sit home on their butts and not work so then the wealth that I have created and other people have created by going out and working, the government is paying them that,” Lui continuò. “I think that’s horrible. I don’t think I or the American people should have to put up with that and I think someone should tell the American people that, so I am.


Gatlin said he’s fed up with the mixed messages the country’s leaders are sending to Americans and railed against their intentions to close institutions, including schools. He specifically shared a message aimed at Presidente Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders, as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

They need to apologize to the world for the lies they told us,” said Gatlin. “The second thing is they need to resign. If I did my job as poorly as they did I would be out of a job in two weeks. Democrats know exactly what they’re doing…

Larry Gatlin voiced concern with the country's leaders in a new interview.

Larry Gatlin voiced concern with the country’s leaders in a new interview. (Beth Gwinn)

“Democratici, progressivo, the left in this country, want to destroy America as we know it so that Americans will have to depend on them for everything and when you do have to depend on them for everything that means you’ll do exactly what they say, starting with you’ll vote for them,” Gatlin continued. “We are letting these people dictate us. I’m not going to do it.


Gatlin shared his wish for the country’s leaders to take on the views of some writers he looks up to, including Saul Bellow and C.S. Lewis.

Larry Gatlin (L) and Steve Gatlin of The Gatlins perform in concert during the "Deep From The Heart: One America Appeal Concert" at Reed Arena on October 21, 2017 a College Station, Texas.

Larry Gatlin (L) and Steve Gatlin of The Gatlins perform in concert during theDeep From The Heart: One America Appeal Concertat Reed Arena on October 21, 2017 a College Station, Texas. (Gary Miller)

C.S. Lewis said, ‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.’ Dott. Fauci has told us, ‘We’re doing this for your own good.’ Hey, I pretty much know what is for my own good. sì, I would take all the shots, I would do all that over, but for them to mandate the kids can’t go to school, or I can’t go to work, or you’ve got to fire them, is absolutely preposterous,” Egli ha detto.

The star added that he’s not so worried about being canceled for his views.

I cannot be canceled. I’m a child of God. They cannot shut me up, and I’m going to stand on whatever little platform I have and tell the world,” Ha aggiunto.

Gatlin explained he started feelingfunkyearlier this month and received a negative test. tuttavia, a couple of days later, he tested again and was positive. fortunatamente, the performer said he’s atough old rooster.

I really feel fine,” ha insistito. “I’m tough. I have country music tour bus immunity. When you travel in a tour bus for 30 anni, 100 days a year with 10 guys on the road, you’ve been exposed to just about every disease known to man. And I have strong DNA.

Gatlin spoke to Fox News in March 2021 when he revealed he contracted COVID-19 for the first time after receiving the Moderna vaccine.

“Gente, I feel like I have a cold, and not even a bad cold at that. I even hit a few golf balls before dinner,” he told us at the time.

At this moment I feel like Lou Gehrig when he said, ‘Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth,” he shared with us.

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