Maestra suplente de Las Vegas acusada de pegar una máscara en la cara de un estudiante, informe dice

“Estaba furiosa, furioso,” the unidentified mother told “Tenía miedo por mi hijo por el tipo de efecto a largo plazo que tendría en él socialmente., el hecho de que toda la clase se reía.”

She said that the teacher did not tell the boy to put a mask on.

“Ella, en lugar de, pulled him up in front of the classroom in front of all of the students and she then taped the mask across the top of his face,” ella dijo. The mom said her son told her that it was not an isolated incident and claimed other students also had their masks taped on their faces.

The Clark County School District said in a statement that it isaware of the isolated incident and is dealing with the employee through proper channels. The principal proactively notified the family of the investigation.

The alleged incident occurred at Reedom Elementary School in Mountain’s Edge, el informe dijo. The mother told the station that she wants the teacher to resign.

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