Laura Ingraham addresses Ro Khanna interview backlash: ‘The door is always open on this show

Laura Ingraham addresses Ro Khanna interview backlash: 'The door is always open on this show'

Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday night interview with rappresentante. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., enraged the far left, but the ‘Angolo di Ingraham’ host cited the nation’s need for bipartisan conversation during her monologue Wednesday.

Ingraham said she and progressive Khanna set aside their differences and focused on common ground issues, Compreso militare spending and all'estero deployment. Khanna said he supported President Trump’s drive to remove troops from Afghanistan, leading Ingraham to conclude that the president had gotten through to progressives in at least one respect..

“In the House, neither the populist-conservatives nor the anti-war Democrats like Khanna represent a majority," lei disse. “But together, they can form a powerful voting bloc to move policy and oppose what may be coming down the pike should Biden assume the presidency.”


Ingraham added Khanna had also voiced “legitimate, important” concerns regarding potential Biden secretary of defense nominee Michele Flournoy, saying her pro-intervention policies in Iraq and Syria will cost the U.S. “trillions of dollars.” Khanna said such policies are not what America needs to compete with other nations, and Ingraham agreed.

After Ingraham concluded the interview by inviting Khanna back onto the show, lei disse, social media exploded with comments questioning the congressman’s choice to appear on Fox. Khanna publicly defended himself via Twitter.

“The bottom line is this: The establishment in both parties over 30 years have gotten some big issues wrong," lei disse. “On the issue of endless wars, prominent liberals agree with Trump’s position even if theymost of themdon’t want to give him credit.”

Ingraham argued that the left-right coalition “makes a lot of sense” since Republicans have “overwhelmingly” supported Trump’s “America First” agenda, while Democrats voted in Joe Biden — chi, lei disse, actually agrees with the old GOP on foreign policy issues.


“It’s called politics," lei disse. “And the point of politics is making people’s lives betterwhich means sometimes working with people you don’t necessarily likeThe door is always open on this show.”

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