Laura Ingraham: Biden anuncia ataque a la riqueza estadounidense

LAURA INGRAHAM: Es una locura pedir a los estadounidenses trabajadores, sin importar cuánto dinero ganen, que den más a un grupo de burócratas en Washington.. Si algo, we should be looking to cut government and give Americans more of the money they make, and stay in their own pockets.

Ahora, Biden’s point is that our economic system is fatally flawed and needs to be replaced by, otra vez, a European model that has historically performed much worse than our own.

Pero aquí está la cosa…our policies worked, that have already been tried. Like low taxes, limited regulation, border enforcement, tight labor markets, and an America first trade and foreign policy.

Ahora, we all know, we had this system in place from 2017 Hasta que 2020 and it worked like a charm.

The only reason we have any economic problems today is because Democrats insisted on lockdown measures, which they’re now taking their sweet time to unwind. De hecho, Americans are doing very well in those parts of the country where they have their traditional freedoms back.

The idea that we would imitate Europe – or go back to the days of Jimmy Carter – is simply inane, it’s nuts.

That’s why conservatives need to reject Biden’s claim that our country is in crisis at all— these only exist in the minds of leftist ideologues who hate America anyway.

When our economy grows, the left pushes for higher taxes.

When our industry is booming, the left claims it’s a climate crisis.

When law and order is being enforced, the left just sees systemic racism. They’re only happy when Americans are downtrodden and miserable and apologizing.

The GOP should ignore all talk of a crisis and just point to the obvious fact that places that implement our policies are doing fineAt every opportunity, Republicans should talk up the success stories in their own communities and they should emphasize that we aren’t going to emulate people who hate this country and whose policies can never work.

Remember this – Biden is assuming that all those suburbanites and moderates who voted for him want higher taxes and bigger government. Bien, en 2022, we’ll find out if he’s right.





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