Laura Ingraham calls for new 'Tea Party-type' movement amid Left's 'assault on liberty'

イングラハムは、自己満足の国民の前に立つであろう国民の恐怖をかき立てる計画として、連邦の封鎖について意見を述べた。. “I think it’s safe to say that many were never happier than when Americans were forced by their government order, out of the workforce, out of school, away from church, and away from friends and family,” 彼女は言いました.

In case you didn’t notice, Democrats love shutdowns and COVID mandates as much as they love high taxes and climate regulations.

Ingraham described what she considerssparks of activismfrom conservatives on issues such as critical race theory and masks in schools, 言って, “A Tea Party 2.0 movement could appeal to frustrated African Americans who don’t want to be demonized for their personal medical decisions. Hispanic business owners who didn’t work hard for their American dream only to have the lockdowns turn it into a nightmare. And to suburban women who don’t want their kids indoctrinated at school.

ザ・ “Anglehost also said a new movement could intrigueurban professionals who are sick of paying high taxes to live in high crime neighborhoods and to evangelical voters who don’t want to be told that their faith is not ‘essential’ by Washington bureaucrats or godless governors.

“ザ・ Biden White House is counting on the public to stay panicked, being scared, and having zero independent thought,” 彼女は言いました.

Ingraham also challenged GOP Senators such as Mitch McConnell, ミット・ロムニー, リンゼー・グラハム, and Bill Cassidy – whom she labeled theOld 共和党 ガード” – for theirabdicationof conservative values in supporting Biden’s インフラストラクチャー ビル: “Hello inflation, higher taxes, endless regulation, new entitlements, and goodbye fiscal responsibility.

It’s time for an American call-to-action. I don’t care what you call it,” said Ingraham, “but the principles are all found in our Constitution.

This movement is where Freedom matters…work matters…personal responsibility matters…school matters….safety matters….and truth matters.