Laura Ingraham: Democrats believe conservatives are bigger threat to America that worlds dictators

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, liberals today think that Americans, especially White Americans, are pretty much the worst thing out there. In other words, anyone who doesn’t sign on to the view that America is fundamentally racist and evil expect them to be called a White supremacist and then publicly vilified. 

Today’s Democrat Party believes that conservatives are a far bigger threat to America than the most powerful dictators in the world. We warned you about this. And remember more evil than the dictators who have nuclear weapons pointed at the United States. Well, and we were right. But some people require more direct proof. 

Now let’s take the case of Andrew Sullivan, the supremely talented writer and well-known commentator who wrote the seminal book for Gay Marriage and is vehemently anti-Trump. Perhaps he thought that his withering criticism of Trump would have earned him fair treatment as a guest on a show hosted by the ever snarky Jon Stewart. But he was wrong. 

Instead, for merely insisting that the story of America is not one of irredeemable evil, he was annihilated. 


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