Laura Ingraham exposes how Biden is sabotaging America

Time and again, we see that Biden sabotages, rather than advances, America’s interests,” 她说. “On issues ranging from our energy needs to the China threat, he either projects abject weakness or he pushes policies that hurt American families, our economy and national security.

Ingraham contrasted Biden’s handling of foreign leaders with that of former President Trump saying, “Trump saw things as they really were. He understood that world leaders, much like CEOs, are generally going to act in their own interest, unless of course, they have to cut deals for their own survival.

America first policy was more than a slogan to the former President, 英格拉汉说, while discussing past foreign policy wins.

It was the cornerstone of every major domestic and foreign policy, and in international affairs, protecting our interests on issues like trade and border security, required our having leverage over reluctant allies and aggressive adversaries

Ingraham went on to reference the media’s reaction to the former President’s policies at his first NATO summit and how they differ from the adoration Biden is receiving.

Remember the media and globalist freak-out when Trump attended his first big NATO summit? 哦, 我做. They were enraged that he refused to play the old establishment game of papering over differences with niceties,” 英格拉汉说. “代替, he used the occasion to put our “朋友们” on notice, that America wouldn’t be the sap anymore who picked up the check forever. It was time that member nations started living up to their obligations.

Ingraham also noted that elites like weak leaders, 说, “You see folks at NPR and the Washington Post are never as happy as when American presidents shrink on the world stage, and the global elites love it when American leaders apologize.