Laura Ingraham labels Disney 'hypocrites' over stance on Florida bill

Chapek said Friday that the Walt Disney Company would halt all political donations in the state of Florida after the bill, which prohibits educating young children on sexual orientation or gender identity. Ingraham noted that despite this public stance, Disney continues to ignore China’s actual human rights abuses against minority populations including Christians and Uyghur Muslims. 

Walt Disney World's Fantasyland in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. 

Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.  (REUTERS/Scott Audette/File Photo)

“Disney does not care about minority rights or human rights. Because if it did, they wouldn’t be cozying up to one of the most repressive regimes on the planet: China. Projects there for Disney include the $ 5.5 billion spent developing Shanghai-Disney — also their expansion of their smaller park in Hong Kong and the launching of the mega TV channel the Disney Channel in China, very important to them,” Ingraham said.

“Now, somehow, Disney’s deep pain and concern disappears when money is on the line. Or does Disney have an exception to its compassion meter when actual physical torture is involved?” 

Bob Chapek of Disney

Bob Chapek of Disney (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Invictus)

“Then, of course it jails dissidents and forces Christians to go underground. American CEOs keep quiet so they can keep getting rich there,” she added, pointing to Chapek, along with JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon, Apple’s Timothy Cook and Delta Airlines CEO Edward Bastian.


“But these same individuals, and many more like them, have had no problem condemning perceived inequities in our own country, especially in Republican states. Indeed, it’s kind of an annual rite of spring that elites express their outrage and their moral indignation about something happening in a red state,” she said, pointing to Bastian and others’ outrage over the Georgia election bill last year.

Ingraham said Disney also came out against a Texas bill that labeled abusive several juvenile sex change options.


“Disney is one of the largest employers in Florida. It first was silent on that parental rights and education bill, but they eventually caved to the demands of the liberal mob,” she said.

Chapek, she remarked, “prostrated himself at the altar” of the woke left on Friday.

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