Laura Ingraham on 'Fox & 朋友的: Americans are getting poorer under Biden and it's scary

Five major refineries have already shut down in the United States because investors shockingly actually want to make a profit. And they know there’s no long-term viability in this investment because of the ESG movement and all the green movement, both here and around the world,” Ingraham told “狐狸 & 友人,” also previewing her new Fox Nation, 表演 “Hidden Gems.

Biden has faced backlash after appearing to suggest that high gas prices will be a “好” opportunity to make afundamental turnto clean energy.

Some conservatives called the president out on Twitter for the comments, as gas prices average $ 4.98 a gallon nationwide, according to AAA and inflation rose to a 40-year-high last month, sparking fears of an impending recession.


Ingraham said while America abandons energy independence, it enriches other countries and makes Americans poorer.

They decided America was going to abandon our energy independence and all of our strength and frankly, a lot of our sovereignty because we had cheap energy for 400 年份. Now they want to throw that away as China is building coal plants, coal-fired plants,” she stressed.

华盛顿, DC - 可能 10: 我们. 乔拜登总统在白宫校园南法院礼堂谈论通货膨胀和经济 10, 2022 在华盛顿, DC. Biden stated that tackling the rising直流电rices is his top domestic priority and accused Republicans of not having a plan to fight inflation.

华盛顿, 直流电 – 可能 10: 我们. 乔拜登总统在白宫校园南法院礼堂谈论通货膨胀和经济 10, 2022 在华盛顿, 直流电. Biden stated that tackling the rising prices is his top domestic priority and accused Republicans of not having a plan to fight inflation. (德鲁·安格勒/盖蒂图片社摄)


Russia is getting richer, China is getting richer and the United States average American family is getting poorer under Biden. That is a fact, which I think we have to remind everyone. Everyday Americans under Biden are getting poorer. It’s scary,” 她说, predicting another wave election in favor of Republicans in November that will be even bigger than the 2010 结果.

Ingraham said it’s all about thegreat transitionto green energy and Americans aresuffering the mostfrom the policies.

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