Laura Ingraham: A suo merito, Pelosi didn't back down when China essentially threatened to shoot her plane

LAURA INGRAHAM: Suo 10 a.m. in Taiwan. E a suo merito, Nancy Pelosi didn’t back down when China essentially threatened to shoot her plane out of the sky. Adesso, she’s been on the ground for, che cosa, di 12 hours or so landing here just after 10:30 a.m. Eastern today. We’re going to bring you news about the specifics of her meetings at any moment.

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Ricorda, trip details have been largely kept under wraps due to the security concerns. But by going ahead with this trip, Nancy Pelosi is defying the White House and ignoring the threats made by Chinese Communist Party leadership.

Nancy Pelosi speaking to reporters

Nancy Pelosi speaking to reporters (Getty Images)


Now think about all those American companies like Nike and all the hedge-funders like Larry Fink, the billions they make in China. It’s a country that considers a brief visit by Nancy Pelosi with a long-time ally like Taiwan a humiliation, and then it uses it as a pretext to activate its military. Adesso, Speaker Pelosi has demonstrated that supporting the CCP is inconsistent with modern-day liberalism. And when that happened, most in the establishment, they didn’t get angry with China — they got angry with Pelosi.


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