Laura Ingraham: What is the 'big lesson' from Cuomo's decade-long governorship?

The real scandal is that over the past 11 years since Cuomo was elected, New York has slid slowly but surely down a rathole,” Ingraham gesê.

Ingraham also slammed President Biden for claiming the New York governor had done ahelluva a job,” sê, “what’s really devastating, is that Cuomo’s handling of COVID led to thousands of needless deathsdumping COVID positive patients back into nursing homes, where they ended up infecting, and killing others.


Ingraham went on to describe New York’s decline over the last several decades pointing out its 34 congressional seats in 1990 and its significant drop to 26 vir die 2022 middelterme. “The population growth of New York is simply not keeping pace with the rest of the nation,” sy het gese. “Oor die verlede 10 jare, it has lagged behind our national average by 3.2%.

Ingraham argued that the population decline is due to the state’s high taxes, high crime, and COVID mandates. “In New York City, murders are up nearly 38% and shootings are up 102% since 2019,” sy het gese.

Texas gained two congressional seats with their nearly 16% population growth … and Florida gained one from their almost 15% groei,” Ingraham gaan voort.

“Vanaf Junie, New York had only 9.4 million in its labor force, met 726,400 of them unemployed. That’s amounts to a 7.7% unemployment rate. At the same time in Florida, the unemployment rate was only 5%. Daar was 10.4 million people in the Florida civilian labor force, en net 523,500 were unemployed.

The lesson, Ingraham argued, is that liberal policies are doomed to fail.

The big lesson of the Andrew Cuomo era goes far beyond sexual harassment and proper office etiquette,” sy het gese. “The big lesson is that liberalism fails every time it’s tried.

Cuomo should have been held accountable for his role in killing nursing home patients – and for his role in killing the chance of economic revival for a once-great state,” vervolg sy.

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