Lauren Appell: McAuliffe lyk desperaat in Virginia, druk die paniekknoppie in stywe wedloop

Baie kan in 'n jaar verander, en jy kan amper die vrees en desperaatheid in die lug ruik. Na alles, Virginia is veronderstel om die magiese agtbal vir die 2022 middeltermynverkiesings, and it’s not looking very magical right now for the Democrats.

Soos President Biden, McAuliffe has allowed himself to be held hostage by the ultra-left wing of his party – choosing to stand with extremists who want to defund police and the teachers unions who want to silence parents.


He actually bragged on Twitter that he was PROUD to be endorsed by the New Virginia Majority, an extreme defund the police group, and when pushed he dug his heels in refusing to renounce their endorsement.

McAuliffe, just like Biden, is incapable of uniting his own party on anything but being divided. Imagine him trying to unite all of Virginia – like Biden isuniting” die land. No thanks.


In these last weeks he’s rolling out the red carpet for the Who’s Who of the Democrat Party. Nothing reeks of desperation more than an 11th-hour revolving door of big names and pretty faces in the hopes you can distract from the fact that you’re beholden to the extreme left-wing fringe of your party.

He’s stood with Jill Biden, Stacey Abrams, and he’ll stand with Barack Obama next week and likely President Biden before Election Day. Tog, he refuses to stand with parents or law enforcement in Virginia, the state he wants to govern.

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While he’s promising a visit from Biden, it was just earlier this month that the one-time governor already started shifting blame in a seemingly desperate attempt to absolve himself from any personal responsibility in what was never supposed to be a tight race. He wanted to make sure everyone knew it would be Biden’s fault if it turns out he’s not two-time Terry after all come Nov. 2, sê, “Soos jy weet, the president is unpopular today, Ongelukkig, here in Virginia, so we’ve got to plow through.

But now after throwing him under the bus, he claims the president, who has a dismal approval rating of 45% in Virginia, will come back to the commonwealth to help him plow through.

All aboard the sinking ship.

And speaking of sinking ships, it was McAuliffe who may have torpedoed his own campaign. During the final gubernatorial debate, he arrogantly lectured Virginia’s moms and dads saying, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what to teach.

Did the veteran politician read the teleprompter wrong?

Let’s try again.

McAuliffe’s lame attempt at trying to convince us he didn’t really say what he really said sounds an awful lot like the Biden equivalent toC’mon man.

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