Lauren Boebert knocks Pelosi's attempt to sell Biden agenda

Can you believe the audacity she has telling the American people you may not even know what’s in it, but you like it?” Boebert asked responding Pelosi’s statement that the media could do more to promote the Biden agenda.

Does Fancy Nancy want the media to sell taxpayer dollars paying for the college education of millionaire families to Ivy League colleges? $ 200 million dollars to Nancy Pelosi’s favorite park, the Presidio amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. ええ. A more intrusive IRS scanning through your financial transactions. This bill is crap…

Boebert contended that the reason why the press is not talking about Biden’s spending plan is that “[バイデン] is not talking about it.” “You know how many public appearances Sleepy Joe has had today to discuss the plan? 零. He had zero appearances today and zero yesterday and zero the day before that,” 彼女は言いました.

I have the president’s schedule for today. で 8:45 午前, he had a virtual conference and then a briefing at 10:15 午前, and then he called it a lid. What about the spending spree?” Both items on President Biden’s schedule Tuesday were closed press.

President Biden’s approval rating dropped to year-low 38%, で不承認 53% in a recent Quinnipiac University surveypolling worse than his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency. The disappointing numbers coming as the administration faces several domestic issues, including immigration, rising gas prices, そして最近では, supply chain disruptions.

When President Trump passed his massive tax cuts for the American people, he was basically living on the Hill,” Boebert stated, “and Biden is proving that what we’ve all seen, he isn’t capable of leading. その. Sinema won’t even return his calls. そのとおり. He’s being ghosted by a senator.

Although the president is being ignored by a fellow Democrat, Boebert told host Jesse Watters, that it won’t be the Democrats who were responsible for passing the bill, but members of her own party. “私が言ったことを覚えておいてくださいね,” 彼女は言いました, “If these bills pass, it’s because weak Republicans caved to the Democrats.