Lawrence Jones critica la postura blanda de los demócratas sobre el crimen: Detener la retórica, empezar a poner criminal tras las rejas

LAWRENCE JONES: cuando el alcalde [Eric Adams de Nueva York] dice que no se siente seguro con un equipo de seguridad completo eso es solo una mentira. Eso es proyectar a los ciudadanos, fingiendo sentir su dolor. Mirar, I try to be optimistic when it comes to this mayor [Eric Adams], but if he’s really going to stop the bleeding within New York City and across the country, it’s going to take more than rhetoric to stop it. He needs a strong statement going after the DA [Alvin Bragg] to say enough is enough. We got to stop pretending that we don’t know the solution to this problem. You get the bad guys, you cuff them, you put them behind bars, and then you make sure that they don’t harm other people. Por alguna razón, the criminal justice system has flipped around, and the criminals gets more rights than the actual victims of crime.


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