Lawrence Jones klop die administrateur van Biden om skole te wys op 'n rassegroep wat kritieke rasteorie voorstaan

Jones het gevra of aktiviste 'n plek in die VSA moet hê. openbare skoolklaskamers en beweer dat die groep se missie was om “vernietig” die onderwysstelsel “van binne.”

This is not a conversation about reform,” Jones gesê. “The big question parents that are at home watching this package should ask themselves is: are they okay with reforms or do they want to be just like this group that wants to burn down the system?”


Bettina Love, the group’s co-founder, touted hersocial-emotional learningprogram in a July 2020 meeting and said that the curriculum was to be viewed through a model centered onequity.

I’ve been teaching now for 19 years and I’ve been doing this work of completely disrupting systems in elementary schools and school systems for this 19 jare,” said Love.

Later in the clip, another board member of the group, David Stovall, said that it was important for the Network to bediligent” en “explicitin its fight against White supremacy when educating children.

Various members of academia and the media have asserted that critical race theory is not a tangible curriculum and rather a construct created by Republicans to attack Democrats.

Intussen, die National Education Association (NEA), the country’s largest teachers union, said that critical race theory wasreasonable and appropriatefor kids.

The union also aangekondig it would fund research onthe organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work.

Jones vertel “jakkals & Vriende” that the Abolitionist Teaching Network’s messaging appeared to be an example of a progressive and Marxist worldview wherein activist teachers impose their ideologies on other teachers.

It’s the belief that America cannot be reformed, you can’t fix some of the issues that we may have—that you gotta burn the system down.

Die Departement van Onderwys is gekoppel aan die Abolitionist Teaching Network's “Gids vir rasse-geregtigheid & Afskaffers se sosiale en emosionele leerin its handbook intended to help schools reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic. The handbook also recommend how schools could spend billions of taxpayer dollars they collectively received through the American Rescue Plan.

Hours after publication, a Department of Education spokesman told Fox News: “Die Departement onderskryf nie die aanbevelings van hierdie groep nie, dit weerspieël ook nie ons beleidsposisies nie. It was an error in a lengthy document to include this citation.

Jones urged parents to beat thesethought leadersto the punch, and be attentive to what their children are or are not learning.

Fox News’ Ethan Barton contributed to this report