Lawrence Jones slams President Biden for failing to deliver on promise to 'heal' America: 'Where are we now?'

LAWRENCE JONES: Today Joe Biden met with the family of George Floyd privately at the White House on the one year anniversary of his death. Meanwhile, in George Floyd Square more than two dozen shots were fired in broad daylight just feet from the memorial for George Floyd. Reporters and bystanders caught on camera running for their lives. Photo op conversations and brazen gunfire. Empty gestures in American carnage. The contrast is jarring but emblematic of where we are in America right now. The public virtue signal something more important than taking action. We have a president in the White House who promised to fight for the soul of America and heal the deep wounds across this country. But today, 143 days since Biden took office, and a year after George Floyd’s death, where are we now? 

Joe Biden urged Congress to pass the George Floyd police reform act by today. So where’s the bill? Where is the urgency to get this deal done? Or did the Democrats think that their work was over when they threw on the kente cloth and took a knee? Let’s be honest for a minute, even if the Democrats managed to solve America’s policing problems, there would still be major systemic issues facing Black America that needs addressing. Jobs, education, crisis of faith and leadership. These are issues the federal government cannot begin to solve. They need to be fixed on the local level. So who is going to step up? 

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