'Leave It To Beaver' star Tony Dow hospitalized with pneumonia: 報告する

俳優, 監督兼彫刻家はおそらく兄のキャラクターを演じることで最もよく知られています, ウォーリークリーバー, に 234 シットコムの実行のエピソード 1957 に 1963. That’s why many fans took notice when TMZ reported that he had been taken to the emergency room on Thursday.

彼の妻, Lauren, アウトレットに言った that his illness was not related to the コロナウイルス. 実際には, he was reportedly tested several times at the hospital and each one came back negative. しかしながら, that doesn’t mean that his illness isn’t being exacerbated by the pandemic.

Lauren explained that Tony was in an emergency room bed for a full 24 hours before he was able to get a regular hospital bed and begin getting treated properly for his pneumonia. The reason for the delay was the fact that the hospital he was in, like many throughout the country, was experiencing a shortage of beds as more and more patients come in requiring hospitalization as a result of the Delta variant of COVID-19.


Tony Dow co-starred in ‘Leave It To Beaver’ for 234 エピソード.

Tony Dow co-starred in ‘Leave It To Beaver’ for 234 エピソード. (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

As of Friday morning, インクルード novel coronavirus has infected more than 214,647,607 people across 192 countries and territories, resulting in at least 4,474,716 死亡者(数. In the U.S., すべて 50 states plus the District of Columbia have reported confirmed cases of COVID-19, tallying more than 38,384,595 illnesses and at least 633,566 死亡者(数.

幸運なことに, Lauren says that as long as Dow is able to avoid contracting the virus, doctors are optimistic that he’s on the mend and could return home sometime within the week.

Representatives for Dow did not immediately respond to Fox News’ コメントのリクエスト.


After starring in the feel-good family sitcom, Dow kept busy in Hollywood making guest appearances on a variety of TV shows. Then in the ‘80s, he launched a career in directing and producing that continued for 20 年. It was the early 2000’s when he began pursuing his childhood love of art and created designs produced from burlwood.


‘Leave It To Beaver’ star Tony Dow has reportedly been hospitalized.

‘Leave It To Beaver’ star Tony Dow has reportedly been hospitalized. (ゲッティイメージズ)

Speaking to Fox News in 2019, he noted that his time onLeave It To Beaveroften brings up fonder memories for fans than it does for him. Although he’s grateful for the project, 彼がいた 11 years old when he was initially discovered as an actor. 当時の, he wasn’t even allowed to watchLeave It To Beaver.

They actually asked our parents not to let us watch the show on TV so we wouldn’t get a big head. So there are probably some episodes that I haven’t seen yet… And there was no swearing on set at all, not even from the crew. They wanted to keep it as family-friendly as possible at all times,” 彼が説明しました.




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