LeBron James faces hurdle with Anthony Davis injured: 'These shoulders were built for a reason'

Davis left the game right before halftime with a groin injury. It was a pivotal point in a game the Suns won 100-92.

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詹姆士, 谁得分 25 点数, acknowledged the hurdle he and the Lakers face with Davis likely to be on the bench for at least Game 5.

“为了我, it’s putting our team in position to be successful,” James said. “These shoulders were built for a reason, and if it takes a little more to put on top of it, I’m ready for the challenge.


He was 10-for-21 from the field and 1-for-7 from three-point range. 他加了 12 rebounds and six assists to his stat line as well.

Davis appeared to injure his groin in the second quarter. He scored 34 points in Game 3 even as he hyperextended his leg. Lakers coach Frank Vogel said there was no way he wasn’t going to try and play in Game 4.

I thought he was laboring a little bitbefore the groin injury, Vogel said. “He was saying that his knee was sore, but there was no way that he was not going to play. I thought he gave a heck of a run at it, trying to compete through pain.

Davis’ status for Game 5 isn’t immediately clear. 游戏 5 is set for 10 下午. ET Tuesday.