Lee Kerslake, drummer for Ozzy Osbourne and Uriah Heep, 사망했다

Lee Kerslake, drummer for Ozzy Osbourne and rock band Uriah Heep, 사망했다, 에 따르면 statements from the band posted 토요일 페이스 북에서.

A cause of death has not been announced.
A post signed by Uriah Heep lead guitarist Mick Box called Kerslakeone of the kindest men on earth.
He had a passion for life bar none and was much loved by the fans, as well as anyone who crossed his path,” the post on the official Uriah Heep Facebook page said. “Rock in peace my friend and say hi to David,게리, John and Trevor for me!”
    다른 게시물에서, the band said Kerslake will not be forgotten, a sentiment rocker Ozzy Osbourne shared on his own social media.
    It’s been 39 years since I’ve seen Lee but he lives for ever on the records he played on for me, Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman,” Osbourne said.

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