Left-wing author Angela Nagle describes becoming politically 'homeless' after condemning open borders

Nagle became persona non grata and was called “evil” after she put forward a thorough argument against unlimited migration.

But what she said was essentially what the center-right sees as the truth, in that the left is acting as a facilitator for corporate America, and is harming working people by throwing open U.S. borders.

The modern Democratic Party is engaged in a utopian project, Nagle told host Tucker Carlson, that requires them to erase historical references and essentially start at zero.

“It sounds sort of like catastrophic to put it this way, but if this utopian project falls at some point, they didn’t change the flags. They didn’t change the name of the country. They did that in the Soviet Union. They didn’t do it here,” she said of the left’s continued overhaul of the American system. 

As someone that observers may consider left-wing, Nagle noted that her economic views still largely match those figures on the “radical left” that now shun her.

“I’m kind of homeless, really. I don’t have any there’s you know, there’s no movement out there for somebody like me, really,” she said.

Nagle claimed that if someone on the left does not fall in line in favor of either unfettered immigration through open borders or legalized prostitution, they won’t be welcome in the left’s circle.

“Certainly you cannot be the actually existing left unless you are for, you know, open borders, sex work-as-work,” she said.

Nagle called the Democrats’ disregarding of certain American systems “a social experiment” that is creating a “totally new set of modern values” that removes any vestige of society since its establishment.

“If the only thing holding this together is consumer society in a way, and if that fails, if there is some economic catastrophe or something like that, what of the old society will remain?”

Nagle explained that without common values, national traditions or any semblance of social unity, the only thing holding the country together is economics – and if the economics of those in power fail, there will be nothing left.

“The fact that the current government have in peacetime done the spending that they have is actually kind of unheard of,” said Nagle. “Then you have got it the whole basis of society, the framework for meaning in life. And all you have is economics. And so the economics can’t be allowed to fail.”

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