'Left-wing' state officials could have prevented Philadelphia train rape: Gutfeld

“Tutti sono disgustati dalla storia, ma non si tratta solo del macabro delinquente, it is about the DA’s [Procuratore distrettuale] e i giudici che avrebbero potuto impedirlo, chi avrebbe potuto tenere questo ragazzo dietro le sbarre?,” Gutfeld said Wednesday on “I cinque.”

Fiston Ngoy was addebitato with rape, aggravated indecent assault, and other counts in connection to the Oct. 13 incident aboard a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train where he allegedly sexually assaulted a female passenger in front of multiple passengers who did not intervene.

Ngoy reportedly has a long rap sheet that includes a guilty plea to a sexual abuse offense in 2017. The 35-year-old suspect was subsequently considered for deportation by the immigration authorities after overstaying his student visa in 2018, dicono i rapporti, but was ultimately granted permission to remain in the U.S.

This is not an isolated occurrence,” Gutfeld ha detto. “We are having these wake-up calls every week now. We get more wake-up calls than the Motley Crew, and nothing changes.

The host pointed to the Loudoun County father who was arrested during a school board meeting where he accused the district of trying to cover up an alleged bathroom sexual assault on his daughter by a skirt-wearing male student.

We have a father of a rape victim get arrested because he was pointing out the rapist had been free to assault his daughter after previously assaulting someone else,” Gutfeld ha detto.

We had a woman murdered by her ex after he was released after beating her up, that was in Virginia. Ancora, another left-wing DA responsible for that,” Lui continuò. “You have mentally ill and drug-addicted individuals beating up elderly people in Manhattan, often saying very hateful things, but that does not register in the legacy media because it is not the right skin color

Anziché, Gutfeld ha detto, New York City officials have focussed their efforts on declaring racism a public health crisis.

But racism is not going around raping people,” the host said pointedly. “The only crime that racism fuels is a deliberate ignorance of this rising homicide and rising crime rates by guilty White leftist leaders, and we’ve got to stop this because I just don’t know how a country can survive when we basically look at lawlessness as a weather pattern.

“I cinque” co-host Dana Perino echoed Gutfeld’s outrage and encouraged the victim to take legal action against the federal government.

He should have been deported multiple times, and she deserves restitution,” Perino said.

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