Left's focus on race won't have 'positive outcome;' Wilfred Reilly tells 'Tucker Carlson Today'

Reilly noted that tests like the SAT or the mile run were designed to treat participants equally, and at end of the day, “whoever finishes the mile run first, or gets the highest score on the SAT, makes the team or goes to the college.” 然而, the left has made such tests about racial and otheridentities.

到底, according to Reilly, the results of such tests are not the most important determinants of success.

The main predictors of success are intelligence, aggression, 等等,” 他说.


While neither Carlson nor Reilly believes the left’s obsession with identity is new, but do agree it has reached a fever pitch.

The core argument used to target the USAat least since Marx, the critique has been, ‘You are a capitalist violent predatory country,’ one, 和两个, ‘That’s used to exploit minorities because you’re a diverse country,’” 赖利说.

This idea that we should constantly emphasize raceand that we should recognize the capitalist system as evil, those two things, 我认为, have been the main arguments against America all the time, and I don’t think they have ever been made with much positive intent in mind.

Every single argument you notice on the hard leftthere are the same two solutions proposed,” Reilly continued. “一, become less capitalist. And two, as you become less capitalist, divide up your ruling classby race proportionally.

Reilly cautioned that this kind of appeal will not have long-term positive outcomes: “If we’re now saying, '好, this is all nonsense, your score depends on your race and sex,’ … what you’re doing is reminding people how to categorize themselves with every single thing you do. 和不, I don’t think that’s a positive outcome.

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