'Legends of the Hidden Temple' is getting a reboot for adults

“隠された寺院の伝説” is getting a reboot for adults.

CWは、Quibiで最初に計画された後、番組を保存しました, もはやありません.
ネットワークは火曜日にニュースを発表しました, saying the Nickelodeon kids competition show would be getting asupersized, adultupgrade.
    Some original parts of the show will remain though, like the Olmec statue and challenges like theMoat Crossings” そして “The Steps of Knowledge.
      Team names will be color and jungle themed; Blue Barracudas, Purple Parrots, Orange Iguanas, Red Jaguars, Green Monkeys and Silver Snakes are all teams.
        The final challenge will be held in Olmec’s Temple.
          Original co-creator Scott A. Stone will serve as executive producer.
            The network plans to announce a premiere date and timeslot at a later date.




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