'Lego Master' artist explains his job creating building challenges for contestants

なので Lego Masters” 戻り値, the remaining contestants are going to be challenged in new and exciting ways. According to the show’s consulting producer, Nathan Sawaya, it won’t be easy.

FOX's Lego Masters - Season One

FOX’s Lego MastersSeason One (FOX via Getty Images)

FOX News spoke with Sawaya, who is also the show’s artist in residence creating set pieces and series’ 課題. Sawaya said he and his team really try to test the contestants’ abilities.

We try and brainstorm ideas that are really going to be something that the audience hasn’t seen before – that the contestants probably haven’t prepared for, we don’t want it to be too easy,” 彼が説明しました.


彼は続けた, “We really are trying to find the best Lego builders, so we really want it to be a big challenge for them.

The people behind the show also have a lot of experience creating unique Lego creations.


There’s set pieces, like the signage that say Lego Master, all the signs that say Lego Masters throughout the set, we’ve built those as well,” Sawaya explained. “I think the really interesting thing is the audience might not realize that a lot of things on the set are built out of Lego.

Earlier this month Sawaya told FOX News that his team once built a puppet theater and measuring 18 feet long, 11 足の高さ.

I’ve built a Life-Size Batmobile before,” Sawaya said, later adding that he has 10 million Lego bricks inside his own art studio. “I built a dinosaur that was 18 feet long.

Sawaya said contestants have been challenged to build parade floats out of Lego. “…and here they come up with these crazy creations you know that had all this movement,” 彼は注意した.

As for what’s coming up, Sawaya didn’t get into specifics, although he did say, “I don’t want to give too much away, but the finale is going to be great and that when we see how many teams get narrowed down to these final teams for finding out who is the Lego Master, it gets pretty exciting.