Leo Terrell advises Caitlyn Jenner to run like a “Trump Republican” in bid for California governor

JOE CONCHA: This is a candidate that has 3.5 million followers on Twitter. Gavin Newsome doesn’t have 2 million Twitter followers. As far as name recognition she [Jenner] has it. Don’t dismiss this, remember how a recall works. The questions basically are, “Do you want governor Newsome gone?” If a majority say yes, he’s gone. The second question is, “Who do want to replace him?” If enough candidates jump in that pie gets cut up into a lot of pieces in a hurry. [Arnold] Schwarzenegger won in a recall effort in 2003. Donald Trump, when he announced in 2015, not many people gave him a chance. Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota, Al Franken senator of Minnesota, and Jerry Springer was mayor of Cincinnati. So you’re telling me that Caitlyn Jenner has no chance? Precedence says don’t dismiss it completely.

LEO TERRELL: Joe [Concha] mentioned the name recognition for Kaitlyn. I’m going to be honest, winning an Olympic gold medal in 1976 and being in a reality show does not win the prize for me or convince me she’s a viable candidate. If I want a Trump Republican, somebody that will talk specifically about school choice, about breaking up the unions, the homeless issue, talking about getting rid of Gavin Newsome is not enough for me. Martha, there’s not a viable candidate in my opinion to get the threshold number up. If there’s a viable candidate, Gavin Newsome will be recalled.

CONCHA: Caitlyn Jenner has many headwinds. Democrats or independents may not embrace here because she backed Donald Trump in 2016, and there’s a lot of baggage in terms of her personal life. So overall, it’s an interesting story, it’s entertaining. She could win. Right now who are the other candidates? That’s the question. Nobody jumps out at you. 

TERRELL: If I was Caitlyn Jenner, if I’d give her advice, run like a Trump Republican. Take no prisoners and don’t kowtow to the press. 


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