Leo Terrell applauds Morgan Freeman's opposition to defund the police movement

モーガン・フリーマンは警察の弁護を拒否: ‘MOST OF THEM’ ARE ‘DOING THEIR JOB’

レオ・テレル: 上手, ええと, I hope he has plenty of job security and financial stability because he’s going to be attacked by Cori Bush and the left… What bothers me is that people think that Black people think the same way. They think that we all hate the police and that police officers are bad for the community. It’s the contrary. Democratic cities, 色の人々, of all color, they want the police. Morgan Freeman is in that Hollywood elite, so he’s going to get some blowback. I applaud him for speaking out because it shatters this ridiculous concept that we think alike; we all hate the police. We don’t hate the police. We love the police because 98% そのうちの, maybe 99%, they protect us. Twenty-four seven, when we’re asleep at night, they’re out there protecting us.