Leo Terrell blasts CDC director claim racism is public health threat: 'It's a lie'

TERRELL: It’s pure politics. She’s lying. Sorry to say that. 彼女 [ヴァレンスキー] has a conclusion without any supporting facts. What’s her qualification to say that? She’s a doctor. She’s not a civil rights attorney, a federal judge or head of the EEOC [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission]. If that is the case, why don’t they call in to the Department of Justice and eradicate this discrimination? It doesn’t exist. Why don’t they file civil rights lawsuits? It doesn’t exist. Is this happening in California? It’s all Democrats. Who are the culprits? Who are the individuals responsible for all of this racist activity? It’s a talking point for the Democrats to distract from the border [そして] to basically jack up our taxes. It’s a distraction. Everything in the Biden administration is race.

For her [ヴァレンスキー] to conclude racism, she ignores 10,000 other reasons, she goes to a conclusion without fact. It could be economic status. It could be lack of education. It could be individuals not having the access, a variety of reasons. The assumption is that the motivation is based on discriminatory conduct because somebody is Black or Brown. If she takes that same argument into a federal court, a judge would laugh at her. I’ll say this again. If it’s such a bad situation, the Department of Justice, the Civil Rights Division, they’re not doing anything. It’s a lie.