Leo Terrell calls Lori Lightfoot 'racist', 'embarrassing' for Black leader to discriminate

Terrell, 말하기 “Hannity” 금요일, 인종 차별적 인 방식으로 흑인 공식 행위를 보는 것보다 흑인으로서 더 자극적이고 짜증나는 것은 없다고 말했습니다., given the U.S.history of codified discrimination against Black people up until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 그리고 박사. Martin Luther King’s activism that led to his assassination.

Terrell noted that fellow guest Charles Hurt, a White journalist and commentator, is a more qualified person to interview Lightfoot than himself – but that the Illinois Democrat would undoubtedly only accept a request from himself.

It is horrific and this bothered me more than anything else because Charlie is a more qualified reporter,” 그는 말했다.

This is so embarrassing for a Black person to discriminate knowing the history that we (as Black Americans) hate discrimination,” Terrell continued.

You know what it is? It boils down to? Her playing a game, and game in which she is trying to deflect Black-on-Black crime, her total ignorance towards helping the community and playing the race card,” 그는 말했다, alluding to the ongoing years of record murder rates in minority neighborhoods.

He added that in the end, it will not be Lightfoot who will have to pay hefty awards and legal fees if a new lawsuit, filed on behalf of The Daily Caller’s Thomas Catenacci, finds that the reporter’s rights were violated.

The taxpayers will have to pay for this – it’s outrageous, it’s insulting – She’s a racist: A racist.

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