Leo Terrell: Left is using 'Al Sharpton’s playbook,' intimidating companies with racism claims

“在格鲁吉亚, they’ve made it easier to vote, harder to cheat,” Terrell told狐狸 & 友人.”

Terrell noted that though the MLB All-Star game was 感动 from Georgia to Colorado over disapproval of the election reform bill, the Peach State has more early voting days.

The argument is corporations are intimidated by the allegation of racism. That’s the Al Sharpton playbook. You intimidate, you accuse someone of racism. And they back down. And that’s why Coca-Cola and all these corporations are afraid of that label,” Terrell said.

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Terrell said that corporations are afraid of racism allegations while such claims have gone rampant.

“我的意思是, a couple of days ago, the Portland School District was talking about it, a tree being racist. It’s out of control, totally out of control,” Terrell said.

And it’s all about power.

三角洲JPMorgan condemned Georgia’s HB 531the controversial 选举 reform bill that Gov. Brian Kemp signed last week after it passed in the Republican-controlled legislature. Delta CEO Ed Bastian sent a notice to employees last week saying he wanted tomake it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.