Leo Terrell rips liberal Los Angeles DA George Gascon's insulting' response to critics

SLAIN LA 지역 경찰관들은 '가족을 구하려고 하는 동안' '겁쟁이'에게 '습격'당했습니다.,’ 공무원의 말

몇 가지 추세가 부족을 부채질하고 있습니다.: It’s insulting to the people who lost loved ones, 다음은 로스앤젤레스의 상황입니다.. 500,000 people have already signed a petition to recall George Gascon. I signed that petition, They need 567,000 signatures by July 6. They probably need a 10 또는 15% over that in order to put this guy on the ballot, this recall. Every time we wait until this gets validated, he pops a bottle of champagne, but once this recall gets on the ballot, he’s gone. But he is steadfast to his progressive criminal activity. Citizens in L.A. need to have their heads on a swivel, in order to protect themselves, 때문에 crime is occurring everywhere within Los Angeles County.

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