Leo Terrell slams Newsom's claim of 'significant decline in crime'

The evidence doesn’t back it up [that Prop 47 is ‘making crime worse’] – the last three decades we have seen a significant decline in crime in the state,” Newsom said in response to a reporter’s recent question: “You are seeing crime increase in red states that had no criminal justice reform,” he went on to claim.

Aan “Fox News Primetime”, Terrell told host Brian Kilmeade that Newsom’s comments are more proof he lives in the worst state in the country, the worst county in the country [en] the worst city in the country: Los Angeles.

“Prop 47 was a horrific bill – it reduced crimes that you are watching on television from a felony to a misdemeanor. Gavin Newsom is lying to America when he says crime is going down. Where was he last year, Brian? We had riots in California: Elke dag: burning and looting.

Terrell gesê Die Engele County District Attorney George Gascon has intensified the unrest with his soft-on-crime policies and the defunding efforts directed at the LAPD.

In regard to Newsom’s upcoming recall election, host Brian Kilmeade noted that Vice President Harris, formerly the state’s junior U.S. senator, is coming to the state to stump for Newsom.

Terrell remarked that her trip might be the least helpful thing Newsom could have to occur, comparing her bipartisan un-likeability to that of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Kamala Harris is unlikeable. She is in that category like Hillary. Onthou, she ran for president and she dropped out because she couldn’t get a delegate in California. She was going to lose California,” hy het gesê.

Her coming to California to help Gavin Newsom is a death sentence for Gavin Newsom. I would not want her in this state.

Everything she touches turns to poison. Look at her trip down to the southern border. She avoided the southern border. Brian, she is the worst vice president ever,” the attorney concluded.

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