Levin argues Pelosi ‘has just destroyed separation of powerswith second Trump impeachment

Levin argues Pelosi 'has just destroyed separation of powers' with second Trump impeachment

众议院议长 南希·佩洛西, D-Calif。, 有 “destroyed the separation of powersby overseeing a second impeachment of 特朗普总统, Mark Levin told汉尼提” 星期三晚上.

的 “生活, 自由 & 列文host delivered a broadside against House Democratic leadership, making note of thesick ironyof watching House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y。, lead impeachment proceedings against Trump for allegedincitement of insurrectionlast week at the U.S. 国会大厦.

I want to remind people of Jerrold Nadler, and the Democratsformer president by the name of Clinton,” Levin recalled. “On his last day in office, President Clinton ceded to Jerrold Nadler’s request to commute the sentences of Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg,” both members of the far-left May 19th Communist Organization, which sought the violent overthrow of the U.S. 政府.

Returning to the present, Levin argued that instead of uniting the country against the rioters, Democrats and the media have used the unrest as a proxy to target all Trump supporters across the country.


We are supposed to be re[programmed] according to MSNBC. We are supposed to lose our jobs, we are supposed to be on hit lists,” 他说. “Now we have repression by the left, by the Democrats, their media, their social media, we can’t even communicate with each other in this country.

“[但] who’s [其实] attacking the Constitution?” Levin asked. “Nancy Pelosi has just destroyed the separation of powers by the use of the impeachment power this way, she has destroyed separation of powers.

What else? Chuck Schumer wants to destroy the courts. Chuck Schumer wants to destroy the Senate. Chuck Schumer wants to destroy the Electoral College. Who is attacking the Constitution?”


Levin concluded that there aredifferent types of tyrannies. There are the nutjobs, who are armed up, and then there are the people in suits and ties and are well-dressed. They look really good and they have perfume and cologne on and they show up in Congress.

We have a tyranny of the legislature. The American people saw two tyrannies this week. One today in the House of Representatives, and one last week outside the Capitol building.

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