Levin calls on viewers to 'galvanize' and 'rally' against teachers' unions

Dopo aver discusso dell'uscita dell'ultimo libro di Levin "Marxismo americano",' Hegseth chiese a Levin come si potessero pensare soluzioni alla crescente minaccia del marxismo in America oggi, especially since they have been ingrained in teachers’ unions for decades.

Levin, a former member of a school board himself, answered that his main hope was to organize people who want change.


My goal is to galvanize us, to rally us, to network us, so we have a national movement as we did with the Tea Party movement or the Reagan revolution or the Trump revolution,” Levin ha detto.

Levin compared the recent movements against teoria critica della razza to the original revolutionaries like Thomas Paine, who organized based on the written word in pamphlets. He also acknowledged that while the public schools should be beholden to the public, many are not aware of what’s happening in classrooms.

We own these schools. They’re called public schools. They are government schools. We pay the salaries. We pay the medical care and the pensions. We pay the dues ultimately for the unions. We pay for the classrooms. We pay for the building. We pay for the administrators, and we have no say whatsoever,” Levin ha detto. “We’re not even sure what’s going on in these classrooms, and they won’t tell us.

Levin reminded Hegseth about his suggestion to place cameras in classrooms. Both Hegseth and Levin agreed that if cops and courtrooms had cameras, so then should classrooms.

In definitiva, Levin emphasized the need to put teachers’ unionson their heelswith techniques such as using the Freedom of Information Act or other legal means.

I’m saying it’s time for us to put them on their heels, use the Freedom of Information Act, use these legal groups across the country or a local litigator,” Levin ha detto. “Let’s get in there. Let’s find out what’s going on. Let’s push back against the unions.

As the former President of the Landmark Legal Foundation, Levin acknowledged his own experience in that regard and recognizing many teachers’ unions as anappendage of the Democratic party.

Ancora, Levin remained optimistic in his viewers’ ability to take action and force change.

There’s things we can do. We still have the ability to exercise our freedom to speak to each other, to network,” Egli ha detto.

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