Levin: Don't be fooled, the Squad is nothing more than a 'cabal of Marxists who hate this country'

Levin doubled down on his earlier warning regarding the embrace of Marxism among progressive Democrats during his opening monologue, where he blamed party leaders for allowing them to declare “war” on traditional American values.

“They talk about the Squad. This is not a Squad, this is a cabal of Marxists who hate this country—some of them first, second-generation immigrants into the country, who bring their attitudes, who bring their indoctrination into the country and are at war, right there in the halls of Congress, against our own country,” Levin said. 


“They have found a home in the Democratic party. The Democratic party has no intention of doing anything about this. What has [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi done? She has…been weak,” he charged.

They are ‘at war, right there in the halls of Congress, against our own country.’

— Mark Levin, ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’

As long as the United States allows unvetted immigrants to enter through Biden’s open border policy, Marxism will continue to pervade American institutions, Levin warned.

“You have people in our country who welcome them by trashing America from elementary school to middle school, to high school and beyond, trash America, the media, the President of the United States, who trashes his own country in the most devilish and vile terms, well, people aren’t gonna assimilate into our culture when our culture is under attack from within,” he said.

Levin blamed groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both of whom he categorized as “Marxist organizations” for launching a “full-scale, multi-level intersectional attack on or system of government.”

“The media won’t say it, they are just peaceful protesters trying to bring in racial justice….this has nothing to do with racial justice,” he said. “This is a full-scale multi-level intersectional attack on or system of government, on our founding, on our principles. “And the biggest political party in the country—the Democratic party represents this movement. The media in this country with very few exceptions represents this movement. “

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