Levin: Sfruttamento dei media’ Rivolta del Campidoglio per 'mettere a tacere i conservatori’ mentre i democratici lavorano per "soffocare il sistema’

Levin: Media 'exploiting' Capitol riot to 'silence conservatives' as Democrats work to 'choke the system'

Il media mainstream è “sfruttando” Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Campidoglio in an effort to “silenzio” conservatives and Republicans, Mark Levin says on this week’s episode ofVita, Libertà & Levin.”

The host emphasizes thatwe should be furious about what happened on Capitol Hill,” but adds thatthe media have played a huge, huge role in what’s going on in this country.

We need to reject all this violence, but what about the media?” asks Levin before displaying front pages of various newspapers from around the country.

“Il New York Times: ‘Trump Incites Mob’. This is projection,” Levin contends. “This is projection. He never did that. Or The Washington Post: ‘Trump mob storms Capitol’. There were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people thereThat’s an awfully broad brush. Or the [New York] Daily News: ‘President Incites Insurrection’ … or USA Today: ‘Pro-Trump Mobs Storm US [sic] Capitol’. How about ‘Thugs Storm U.S. Capitol’? How about ‘Lawbreakers Storm U.S. Capitol’?”

Levin then calls out politicians like Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who he says are alsoexploiting the situation.

They’re talking about impeaching the president of the United States or [invocando] the 25th Amendment nine days before he leaves office,” the host says. “Do they even know what’s involved in the 25th Amendment?


So they double down, they triple down, they quadruple down. They’re not going to change at all. On one side of their mouth, they talk about unity. Out of the other side of their mouth, they spit on people,” he goes on. “Seventy-four million [Trump-voting] people and more, they’re not going away. Their concerns still exist.

Nel frattempo, Levin says, House Democrats are working toward their goal tochoke the system even further” di passing a rules package for the 117th Congress that makes itvirtually impossible for Republicans to even propose legislation or amend legislation, even though [essi] only has a 10- or 11-person majority in the House.


“Nancy Pelosi … eliminated 100 years of tradition …”, the host argues, “and the media are trying to intimidate conservatives and constitutionalists by projecting onto them the violence that occurred by reprobates and others who need to be tracked down and punished.

So it seems that the lessons have not been learned,” Levin concludes. “They certainly haven’t been learned by the left, they certainly haven’t been learned by the media, and they certainly haven’t been learned by the Never Trumpers.

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