Levin questions standard of justice as Capitol rioters held under strict confinement, while Antifa roams free

Levin pointed to the hundreds of suspects cataloged in a DOJ online database chronicling Capitol riot arrests, emphasizing that no such focus has been given to the suspects involved in repeated acts of alleged criminal behavior during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the country following the May 2020 morte di George Floyd.


You want to know about an insurrection?” Levin began, pointing to the recent Interior Department Inspector General’s report that smascherare the widespread narrative surrounding Lafayette Square and President Trump last summer.

We were told that Donald Trump and Bill Barr ordered that Lafayette Park be cleared and they use rubber bullets and tear gas on ‘mostly peaceful protesters.’ First of all, mostly peaceful protesters? They almost burned down the historic church in Washington, D.C., St. John’s Church,” Levin ha detto. ” They were trying to charge the fence at the White House. Over forty-nine United States park police were injured. Al di sopra di 50 Secret Service agents and uniformed agents were injured.

Levin noted the apparent discrepancies of justice being applied to the violent BLM and Antifa rioters versus the Capitol riot suspects, who are reportedly being held in strict confinement conditions.

I’m not defending in any way what happened on January 6th in the Capitol building,” Egli ha detto, “but I am saying we need a little bit of even handedness and justice here.

I want to know who it is they’re rounding up, what’s happened to them, what they’re being charged with,” Levin continued. “This information needs to be made public. They need to release all the video that they’re sitting on.

I want to know what’s happening to these people. Do we live in a free country or not?” Egli ha detto. “Do we live in a republic or not? Is there going to be justice, real justice or not? We cannot have our FBI, as we have learned, and these prosecutors conducting themselves in the dark without us knowing exactly what’s going on.

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