Levin talks rise of 'American Marxism': Appeals to 'people who don't take responsibility for their own lives'

Levin, 'n voormalige president van die Leesburg, Va.-gebaseerde Landmark Legal Foundation en Reagan Justice Department amptenaar, het gesê dat die Marxisme meer as 100 years after its namesake’s death because it appeals to people who want to blame others for their problems.

I’ve thought about this and I discussed it a little bit in the book. There have been so many books written about Karl Marx,” hy het gesê. “I think there’s a couple of reasons for this.

One group Marxism appeals to, Levin gesê, is “people who do not take responsibility for their own lives.

So they can blame society. They can be viewed by themselves as victims, as oppressed,” Levin gesê.

“[Vir hulle,] there’s really no personal responsibility or personal accountability. They have no real connection to society.

Because these individuals do not feel the need to contribute to society, a political ideology that relies on seizing resources from producers and giving it to others is appealing, Levin gesê.

“En so, people who are successful need to be dragged down. People who are happy need to be sad. People who are productive need to be less productive,” hy het gesê, calling the collective resultsheer destruction.

Marxisme, Levin added, also can be seen in the Democratsendeavor to rip down public statuary and erase historical figures from education curricula.

Marx believed that history starts ‘today’ and thatrejecting past historyis the key to a purportedly equitable society.

It’s all anti-humanism. The world begins today,” the Fox News host stressed.

The second major group of adherents to American Marxism is thefanaticsand people who crave power – which in turn means they must quash individual liberty to be able to control individuals, Levin gesê.

These are diabolical people. And many of them are tenured professors other than our mouthpieces on television and radio,” hy het gesê. “Some of them are elected from the state of Vermont,” a veiled reference to Socialist Sen. Bernard Sanders.

Levin points out that American proponents of Marxism, especially those on campuses, eis “werklike” of “authenticMarxism or socialism has never been tried, despite failures such as the Soviet Union.

Despite all the examples of how horrendous and inhumane Marxism and its offshoots have been – 100 million dead and God knows how many billions enslaved – you know, ‘It just wasn’t done the right way,'” Levin gesê.

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