Levin: Terrorist groups will consider it 'open season on Americans' if citizens are left behind in Afghanistan

“Now we’re supposed to believe with the Taliban, the good guy and ISIS is the bad guy. They’re all cockroaches,” Levin said at the top of his show. “They want to kill as many Americans as possible. And now look at the situation. We have a propaganda media in this country prior to a few days ago. But they’ll be back saying what? This is the greatest airlift in American history in the face of the most outrageous surrender in American history, regurgitating the administration’s talking points.”


He continued, “We have troops who’ve been attacked and harmed. We have American citizens behind enemy lines with allies, Afghan allies who can’t get out.  What’s going to happen is you’re going to have the biggest hostage situation in the history of the American republic and you’re going to have genocide,” Levin said.

 The former Reagan Justice Department chief of staff urged Republicans in the House of Representatives to weigh impeachment over Biden’s colossal mishandling of the evacuation.

“There’s one man responsible for this. He did this, not the prior presidents. He did this Joe Biden,” an outraged Levin said. ” He needs to be held to account for what he did. His generals are to be held to account, his secretary of defense, his secretary of state, his national security adviser. We’ve never seen so many lightweights gathered in one place in the history of this country.”

Levin said he believes “overwhelming military action” could remedy the dwindling situation abroad.

“Of course, the problem with that is you expose many more of our military personnel to attacks in harm’s way. But how else are you going to get American citizens out?” he asked. ” And for the rest of the world, our enemies, whether they’re nation states or terrorists, if we don’t get our citizens out, they’re going to say, ‘okay, it’s open season on Americans.'”

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